Literacy @ Burnhaven

The Technical Bit

Coming Soon – Our Literacy Policy

We plan using the Literacy Experiences and Outcomes 

We assess using the National Benchmarks

Literacy Workshop 24/9/2020


We havewriting criteria based on the national benchmarks for when we are looking at writing tasks. Older children use these as checklists as they are writing.



We use Vocabulary, Connectives, sentence Openers and Punctuation to make our sentence level writing more exciting which in turn makes our writing more interesting to read.  These downloadable mats can give your child ideas if they are writing at home.  The idea is to progressively move down the pyramids.

VCOP-Pyramids-First Level (Thanks to Simon_Hon TES)Download
VCOP-Pyramids-Second Level (Thanks to Simon_Hon TES)Download
Writing-Tips-Mat (Thanks to Simon_Hon TES)Download


Sound chart for early phonics

Simon Smith is a Head Teacher who has a passion for reading. He has created reading lists for different school years.  He works in England so uses the English system which is roughly works as Y1=P2 and so on (give or take 6 months due to cut off dates.)

Picture Books for all years

Book Trust Book Finder

Scottish Book Trust Book Lists

Resources from Aberdeenshire Library Service

Coming Soon – videos to show how to use online tools at home.