Rights Respecting Schools

In 2022-23 Tower Hill are the Rights Respecting School Steering Group

In term 1 and 2 all houses supported Tower Hill to refocus on the rights we respect in our school.

At Burnhaven school we learn about the rights of children by researching the articles, we learn about them in assembly, and we live them out in are everyday lives. 

We have created rights of the week displays for the classrooms, we have put a right of the week slot into the assembly and people come up to read them to the school. 

 We also record them and post them up online for other people to see and learn about them, so they know the rights of a child. 

We learnt each right applies to everyone under 18 years old and how the government is responsible for protecting children’s rights. 

There are 54 rights in total, 42 of those are rights of the child,43-52 are about how adults and governments work together to make sure children get their rights. 

Every right should be respected be everyone because they are important in their own ways. 

Click here to see the evidence of the work the school has been doing to promote rights across the school.  You should begin to see evidence of a number of rights being respected throughout our website with policies and examples of learning.

Coming Soon Evidence Pack
From Term 3 Tower Hill took the lead to prepare us for our silver accreditation and to move us on towards our Gold Award.